The Seevl That Men Do

Autun Purser is a deep-sea ecologist and freelance illustrator, whose beautiful and witty artwork may be viewed on his website. He will be exhibiting his work at the World Fantasy Convention at the end of this month, in Brighton. I hope many people will take the chance to seek him out and see his work. I cannot be there to meet him myself, which is unfortunate because about a year ago he sent me a poster he had designed as part of his series of ‘Fantastic Travel Destinations’, based on the imaginary island of Seevl. This place has featured in two of my darker narratives, one of which is included as a whole island-chapter in my recent novel The Islanders. (I have been a bit laggardly in getting it framed, but now it is hung prominently in the stairwell of the house. Photo by Nina.)

Seevl & CP


Seevl poster








Many thanks, Autun!