The Glamour

The Glamour GollanczThe Glamour (1984) is a novel about psychological invisibility. People who are ‘glamorous’ are physically normal, but because of their psychological profile no one ever sees or notices them. Effectively invisible to the real world, they are forced to live on the fringes of society, stealing and lurking. The story is about a love triangle between three of these people: two men and a woman, each of whom is invisible to a different degree.

The novel has been optioned several times in the years since it was published, clearly representing an intriguing challenge to film makers, both thematically and visually.

One of the adaptations that came to fruition was a 90-minute play based on the novel, broadcast by BBC Radio 4 in 1991.

The novel is currently subject to a shopping agreement with Hollis Doherty, a film maker in the USA. Hollis has written a new adaptation of the novel, with several fresh and intriguing ideas about how the story should be told, and is now seeking extra involvement from others.

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