Expect Me Tomorrow

I’m pleased at last to be able to publish the planned cover for my next novel in the UK, Expect Me Tomorrow. It seems ages since I completed the book, but there have been several apparently unavoidable delays. The book itself is of course undamaged by delay: it was challenging and involving to write, and I was happy with it when I sent it in. From my own point of view it is just no longer my most recent work, as another new book will follow next year.

Expect Me Tomorrow covers a period of roughly two hundred years. The earliest event is the accidental death of a glaciologist in the mid 19th century. A petty criminal is arrested and jailed for a series of cruel thefts from vulnerable women. Two centuries after that, a couple of decades from now, the indirect consequences of these two apparently unrelated matters can be felt. I don’t want to seem to be writing a blurb, and I don’t want to dwell on the plot, but I think I ought to give some idea of what the book is about. To anyone who has read some of my past books I should mention that this time there are two sets of identical twins, but no one muddles them up and none of them is a magician.

The book will be published in hardcover on 15th September 2022 by Gollancz. As always, I hope if you would like to buy a copy of this you will support an independent bookseller in your locality. Use indie bookstores, or lose them!

On the other hand, if you are dependent on internet suppliers and mail order, then Bookshop.org is a good alternative – they offer a small discount and a portion of their profits goes to an independent bookshop of your choice. Advance orders can be made with them, with delivery on or just before publication.

Mail order advance orders can also be placed with Amazon, Book Depository, Wordery and presumably other outfits I haven’t come across yet.