The Magic: the story of a film

The Magic: the story of a film by Christopher PriestHardback
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The film of CP’s novel The Prestige was released in 2006 and went straight to No.1 in the US box office, won rave reviews around the world, and has had audiences arguing and debating ever since. It is a film with a complex and intriguing plot, raising many questions. What was the true nature of the character called Alfred Borden? Who was Robert Angier? What happened at the end?

Published eleven years before the film was released, and translated into many languages around the world, The Prestige (novel) had already established itself as one of the most original insights into the mind of illusionists. Film and book have much in common, but there are revealing differences. The novel’s study of obsessive secrecy and compulsive curiosity became in the film a deadly feud between two gifted but deluded magicians. Different forms of storytelling create different narrative demands. The film and the book illuminate each other.

The Magic is CP’s story of the way in which a major film is developed from a novel … and what does the writer of the book think of it all? Learn what happened behind the scenes!

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