Arvon — February 2023

Co-working with my partner Nina Allan, I will be leading an “Online Writing Week” for the Arvon Foundation. The subject: Speculative Fiction. This runs for the week of 6th – 10th February, 2023, Monday to Friday. A limited number of half-price concessions are still available. If you’d like to take part, it is essential to make contact with Arvon well before Friday 20th January.

This being the time of year it is, Arvon have pointed out that they can supply gift vouchers as a Christmas present!

Nina and I have a liberal understanding of speculative fiction, and the multitude of ways it can be written. We are at home with writers who work within the genre, but also respond to those who wish to move to and perhaps cross the borders. I am always reluctant to limit the possibilities by defining in advance what this might mean for individual writers.

Full information here.