Reviews for Fugue for a Darkening Island

Fugue, Gollancz
revised edition

“A powerful and always tragic novel.” – Library Journal

“Fugue For a Darkening Island — if enough people read it — could cause more soul-searching and disquiet than any bulk of news material. A book like this hits hard. It is highly recommended.” – Time Out, London

“It must be read and re-read for its message and warning of the always possible shape of things to come.” – Contemporary Review

“A chilling and convincing new novel with a remarkably topical title. Mr Priest’s novel is short and stark but his character study is solid and completely credible. A provocative and disturbing allegory that has echoes for us all.” – Sunday Express

“A bleary view of fascist, etc., England in the none-too-distant, etc., future. The blurb-writer, for one, fears that it all might really happen: if so, we’re in for a very trying couple of decades.” – Martin Amis in The Observer