Reviews for A Dream of Wessex

A Dream of Wessex

“This excellent and intriguing novel … Priest tells his story simply and artfully — the characters and their emotions are real, the concepts fascinating, and the sense of foreboding almost unbearable. A first choice for any collection by one of the best young SF authors today.” – Library Journal

“Priest, a young Britisher with a flair for finding quietly tantalizing hypotheses, works some clever variations. An ingenious premise.” – Kirkus Reviews

“This fine novel about time-unravellers has hallucinatory powers. As a future-shocker it is quiet in tone, but what is clearly audible is the way the author marshals today’s tendencies to become the received fact of tomorrow. Mr Priest is a novelist of real distinction.” – The Times, London

“Christopher Priest is one of our most gifted young writers of science fiction. I recommend A Dream of Wessex. I can best convey its quality by saying that I think not only H.G. Wells but Thomas Hardy himself would have enjoyed and approved of it.” – John Fowles

“The best of Priest’s novels to date, marvellously thought out and marvellously written, dream and reality are so constructed that one slides from one to the other without noticing.” – Metal Hurlant, Paris

“It is a strange novel, technically very assured in its shifts of time and handling of place-in-time, sketching in the edges of the dream with considerable vividness. A fine, exciting novel — SF if you want a label, but an enrichment not only of the sub-genre, but the whole genre too.” – The Guardian