Good Old Friends Mostly Gone

All the spare copies of The Affirmation and The Quiet Woman that I had for sale have now gone to their better places, and I have no more. Thank you to all who ordered, and I hope the books have arrived in good condition.

Copies remain, however, of The Glamour in its beautiful Jonathan Cape hardcover strip. The core price of this book is £4.00 a copy, with £2.00 added for p&p within the UK and Europe. If you live further afield please be prepared to add a little more for surface mail, and even more for airmail. I belatedly discovered the the UK post office has recently removed its concessionary rate for books sent abroad. No doubt this is a sign by officials of their wavering faith in the future of books, which, incidentally, I most certainly do not share.


Good Old Friends to Go

An unexpected find: a handful of first editions of some of my older books has come to light, and as storage space is always at a premium in this house without cupboards I would be more than willing to sell a few copies. They are all in brand-new condition, first printings of the first editions, and of course I would be pleased to sign or dedicate copies. They will be protectively and lovingly wrapped for despatch. NB: numbers are strictly limited.

The titles are as follows:

The Affirmation – this is the Faber 1st edition hardcover from 1981, which turned out to be my last book to be published by the firm. (See the item in this blog dated 22nd May 2011, A Quick Read, for some recollections of how it was reviewed in its day.) I always liked the simple, declarative quality of the Faber cover, and in all it is a well printed edition on good paper. Although I never claim The Affirmation as one of my best books, it is first of all a bridge between the books I wrote before it and the ones that were to follow, and secondly I see it as a novel that helps elucidate the others. It was the first novel of mine to include the Dream Archipelago as a setting. Price: £19.00, plus p&p £1.00 in UK and Europe.

The Glamour – this was my one and only novel to be published by Jonathan Cape, a publisher I moved to in an attempt to escape the clutches of a new editor at Faber, who was out of sympathy with what I was writing. (See Lice in the Locks of Literature, on 9th December 2012.) Although I have revised The Glamour twice since this edition appeared in 1984, the changes have been mostly cosmetic. The major content of the text is unaltered, but for people who take an interest in authors who fiddle around with their novels there are a few unrepeated original thoughts there to be found. Price: £4.00, plus £1.00 p&p in UK and Europe.

The Quiet Woman – although I had an excellent experience of having The Glamour published by Cape, by the time I sent in this next book there had been substantial staff changes at the company. Notably, my editor Liz Calder had left Cape, to set up the new publishing venture Bloomsbury. It was not a decision I wanted to have to take, but in the end I followed Ms Calder, and this first edition, in 1990, is one of their early titles. To be honest I never liked the Bloomsbury cover illustration, and overall the book did not do well in this edition. An American edition followed five years later and for that I made some revisions to the text. This text will be used in the forthcoming paperback from Gollancz, but as with The Glamour, the first edition is a chance to read the book as originally presented. Price: £4.00, plus £1.00 p&p in UK and Europe.

Outside UK and Europe?: please add the equivalent of £2.00 to cover the extra mail cost. Thanks!

More than one title?: Small discounts are offered for 0rders of more than one book. E.g., all three in UK and Europe: £27.00. Please Contact me if you want more details. A unique and perhaps collectable bookmark is included with every copy.

Signed copies: Please let me know if you would like no signature, a signature alone or a signed dedication.

Payment: I can accept PayPal at the Contact email address, or direct bank transfer – details will be sent on request. UK cheques are also acceptable – email me to obtain the address to which they may be sent.