The Prestige (it is done)

Christopher Nolan’s two early films, Memento (2000) and The Prestige (2006), both wear their years well and look increasingly like his best work. The Prestige was based on Christopher Priest’s ninth novel, first published in 1995.

The Prestige was shot at the beginning of 2006 and released in the USA in October of that year. The film went to #1 in the US box office in its first week. By the beginning of 2007 it had made a worldwide gross of $110 millions – nearly three times the cost of production. This was before the ‘residuals’, such as airline showings, DVD, television rights, downloads, and so on.

It won, or was nominated for, numerous awards, including two nominations for the Academy Award.

The current French paperback edition, from Gallimard (Folio)
The current French paperback edition, from Gallimard (Folio)

The novel is still in print as a paperback and available as an ebook, in both the UK and the USA, as well as in its numerous translated editions. The Prestige uniquely is the winner of both a major literary award (The James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction) and a genre prize (World Fantasy Award).

In 2008 Christopher Priest wrote and published The Magic, which is an insider story about the making of the film. This book is still in print, hardcover and paperback, and may be ordered from the GrimGrin page on this website.

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