Matt Laminate and the Spots

The cover of The Islanders has finally been agreed between myself and Gollancz, a matter of some relief to both sides. An earlier version of the illustration has been popping up on the internet, and have put a version of it on their page for the book, but all these earlier ones were roughs. Similar to but not as polished as the full version.

Speaking of polish, the jacket will be printed on matt laminate, the islands picked out with spot varnish.

The cover is the work of an artist called Grady McFerrin. A gallery of his work can be viewed here. The illustration on the back of the book is a word cloud, based on the key images of the novel, and Mr McFerrin is not responsible for that.

(When possible I will upload a copy of the finished artwork, but at the moment the only copy I have is not the final, final version.)

Meanwhile, printed bookmarks based on images from The Islanders are distributed free with GrimGrin titles ordered from this website: here. You can also get one if you email me and ask nicely.