Here at last is the final version of the Gollancz cover of The Islanders. The artist is Grady McFerrin.

Meanwhile, complimentary copies of ‘hand-crafted’ bookmarks, based on images from the novel, are still obtainable. Any GrimGrin book ordered through this website includes one of the bookmarks. I can’t afford to send out complete sets, but if you write and ask I’ll send you a single card. The series contains some three dozen images in all (not by Grady McFerrin); the images are also collected digitally in the ‘Gallery’, which can be ordered from here. For a single bookmark, free of charge, click on Contact. Don’t forget to include your mail address.

Entry to the event at Foyles on 29th September is free. You have to book through the Foyles website, but that’s all. (See ‘Things Update’ below.) More details will be posted next month.